About a Boat. Classic sparkly purple Spokane built boat.#

'I felt like a kid at Christmas' Steve Nash, lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan (and NBA legend), trains with the team in Toronto. #

Vox: The man who escaped both doomed Malaysian Airlines flights. Dutch cyclist was originally booked on both flights.t#

Wait But Why: The Fermi Paradox. #

GitHub: Awesome Sysadmin Nice resource documenting all the open source tools available on unix.#

Penny Arcade: The Oculus Rift. Love the reaction videos#

Guardian: Fifa accused after ‘unconscious’ Álvaro Pereira played on for Uruguay. The right solution is to make substitution mandatory if a player loses consciousness. Brains over games.#

Grantland: The Reducer: World Cup Winners and Losers My immediate reaction to Álvaro Pereira getting knocked out during Uruguay - England was that he had a concussion and needed to be subbed, yet he was able to browbeat his coaches and doctor into allowing him to return once he came to. No way that should be allowed to happen given what we know about the dangers of concussions. #

AP: NASA hopes to capture asteroid as it passes Earth. Sounds like a reasonable first step towards developing new spacefaring capabilities. #

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